Does bad luck come in threes?

I was just wondering when I would be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the festive period. I’ve been so looking forward to it. But the run up to Christmas has been so tiring. A seemingly never ending list of things “to do”, has taken an age to work my way through. I truly believe when life gets this exhausting, frustrating things happen, if only because you are not concentrating. You are easily distracted.. your mind on other things. This was certainly the case when our whole place of work was given the announcement that due to impending closure, we are all threatened with redundancy. In a fit of festive fog, I ventured out to find a Christmas tree for the budget conscious, only to find that I’d lost my purse. Fortunately for me, some kind and honest soul had handed it in to a cashier, after finding it in a deserted car park. So…I was lucky I suppose. More endless running around, and chore filled routine. In an attempt to help me by running some errands, my partner was involved in a road traffic accident on Christmas Eve, writing off my aged Norman the Mazda. Thankfully he was unhurt, as was the driver of the other car. But I am now carless, and Christmas Eve did not turn out to be the restful, cosy, snooze under the Christmas tree for the budget conscious that we had planned. The big day itself ran smoothly, dinner was delicious, all of the family got along extremely well, which was a blessing as by that time I could barely keep my eyes open. Boxing day, I excelled myself with more seasonal culinary delights, always with the thought that the weekend would soon be here, with the promise of that Christmassy snooze. Today was spent, organising car insurance, a car to drive for a job, shooting a Christmas event tonight, and emptying poor old Norman ( who looked forlorn on the back of a pick up truck) of any contents. After packing all the necessary kit for the shoot, driving to Cardiff , and taking photos of a few hundred party people, I finally packed up, and headed for home. All I could think about was the lovely sleep I was going to have in the morning. The carefree, chore free, day in store for me. But no. I have arrived home to discover I have lost my mobile. The one with my life in. My whole life in.  Now is that unlucky? Am I just exhausted? Can my week get better? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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