Addicted to colour.

I can appreciate a black and white image I really can. There are so many monotone prints I have seen that are wonderful. Sometimes I venture in that territory myself. But even if I do, I have to add warmth. As if a straight black and white image is somehow lacking. I understand that a good exposure will add different tones in abundance. I am aware that some photographs lend themselves better to black and white over colour. So what is it that I sometimes feel a little bit unsettled when I drag myself away from all that is great about colour? Personally, I think that it’s the fact that all those beautiful hues add something, that is not necessarily better, but different to an image that is black and white. It’s true that monotone can create a mood, but to me, colour can fill in the spaces. It enhances the mood, even exaggerates it. It makes a memory rather than reflecting a moment. I am going to make an effort to curb my addiction. My compulsion to saturate. Because I want to see happens!! So I’m posting a colour portrait session, in black and white. My finger is itching to make them sepia. but I’m resisting……

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