An afternoon in the Black Mountains

I have made numerous attempts to walk out over the Black Mountains. Conditions have never been favourable. Last weekend looked as if it would be perfect. It was bitterly cold but the sky was blue, there were clouds in the sky and it was dry. Just right for photography. I should have known better as we drove up to Gospel Pass in a hail storm that threatened to smash the windscreen. We parked in a lay by and drank hot soup while we waited for it to pass. Ten minutes or so later, we set off. It was beautiful . Looking forward to capturing some nice vistas, the camera was in my hand and the tripod at the ready.  We covered  some distance, having a great time in the winter chill. As we reached Rhos Dirion we could see the black cloud gathering in the distance. It was obvious it would reach us eventually, but I hadn’t bargained on how quickly. One minute we were bathed in glorious winter sunshine, the next freezing hail and snow and a blanket of fog which forced us to stop and wait. After a while it was obvious our hike was over. How wonderful that a place can look so different not only day to day, but hour by hour. I’d like to walk up over Twmpa so we’ll try again in a few weeks now.  Happily I still managed to capture a record of a lovely few hours of the ever changing weather. And we still managed tea and cake in Hay-on -Wye afterwards.

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