Where is Summer?

Love, life, and laughter. For photography that reflects you…and who you are. 

Please call Linda on 07749660774

Summer is so late starting this year. We set off hoping for blazing rays of sun, and got cloud,  and a  chilly breeze.   Hoping for a lovely golden haze cast over the June cou- ntryside, we only had grey clouds and the promise of rain. It didn’t seem to perturb the Welsh Mountain ponies, who were gorging on the new growth, their tummies bulging with late spring grass, or the imminent arrival of this years foal. We stayed to watch this baby, who was confident enough to come quite close and get a better look at us…until we took a step in his direction, when he would prance off bucking and rearing to the adults in their small herd. We spotted a few foals that afternoon. Each with their own personality, none as sure of themselves as this little chestnut. Finally, on the way home, the sun briefly broke through the rain clouds, and gave us a glimpse of the golden haze I had hoped for. Over a field somewhere near Raglan, as we drove along a dual carriageway. I was lucky enough to get a chance at one or two shots…and then it was gone again.


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