A Walk Over The Severn Bridge

Walking over the Severn Bridge at Christmas on an amazing crisp winter afternoon. My girls and I spending time together and laughing. Of course I’m doing that “thing” . All photographers do it. In fact I think all creatives do it. You know that ” thing” where you’re in company but only 75% of you or so is actually present? The other 25% is scanning with your camera eyeballs for things to take photographs of and your imagination is running a bit wild with thoughts and ideas. My girls are used to it now. They make up shocking conversations about bank robbery and murder, just to test if I’m listening. Anyway, I’m rambling again. But I thought the mud. Yes the mud… looked incredible . The way the estuary has carved great wrinkles and furrows into it, and the way the setting sun has cast gold over it . Those gullies are probably several feet deep. The strength of the water is something to to respect and wonder over. So I know it’s not your cliche sort of beauty, but in my eyes, it’s beautiful just the same. So today I’m presenting to you, an image of the estuary banks. And some mud. The River Severn. The longest river in the UK. And this is where it ends its journey to flow into the Bristol Channel … and also the exit to Wales. As we have just had New Year I’m wondering how much the toll to get back in has increased!

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