About Linda

Finalist in the MPA’s Cherub of the Year competition 2011

Finalist in the MPA/BIPP National Print Competition 2004

Finalist in the MPA National Print Competition 2003

Photographer covering Wales and the West.


If you would like to see more please click here: OOH LA LA by Linda

All work and commissions undertaken by arrangement. Contact Linda  on 07749660774 or please use the contact form and I’ll get back to you.

I’ve always been interested in art and creating so when I was invited to have some work experience for a friend’s father in his busy professional photographic lab, it was a very exciting time for me. The six months turned into years, until before I knew it, over thirty years had flown by working in photography, all over Wales and the West.  I have learnt my trade from the bottom up…. and photography was a pretty dirty, smelly affair years ago! Which is why I now love digital!. I thoroughly enjoyed some years as a wedding videographer and editor, when  I  quickly realised how much I loved working with people. So for a long while I specialised in the photography of babies, and young children, and enjoyed some success at national level. I found that making people happy, makes me very happy too. Now, wherever I go my camera goes. I LOVE what I do! I’m fortunate to  meet  great people with my job, and thoroughly enjoy helping them make the memories they’ll cherish always! There is nothing as wonderful as capturing the essence of a moment, to enjoy for ever. In a fast changing world there will always be something new to learn about photography. Something to create, capture and  thrill. I never want to lose that enthusiasm.  I get to meet wonderful people, in diverse situations, and I would really love to meet YOU too!

OOH LA LA by Linda

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