Portrait Shoot at Piercefield House in Chepstow

I’ve lived in Monmouthshire for most of my adult life, yet strangely it was only five years ago that I saw Piercefield House for the first time. I’d heard about it vaguely in passing conversation, but it wasn’t until my young daughter was participating in a Pony Club training session there, that I actually set eyes on it. I was instantly smitten. I frequently wonder about it’s past history, and feel regret that it has been left to fall into such disrepair.

I lurch from wishing somebody would invest in it and restore it to it’s former glory, to revelling in the melancholy ambience that encompasses the old building and fuels my imagination. Since it has been enclosed behind a high steel fence in the interests of safety, it has become infinitely more attractive to me.

My daughter shares my creative side, and agreed to be my model in a shoot that we hoped would catch a little drama, a smidgen of Hollywood, a touch of Gothic, perhaps a little Hammer Horror, all inspired by my favourite artist, the talented Kate Bush. All this went into a melting pot, to finish with the images I would like to share with you today. We had such a wonderful time, I felt we would never run out of ideas!! Time passed so quickly, that as dusk fell, and the air began to chill, we realised we had been locked into the grounds. Fortunately, we discovered a few twilight staff working on the adjacent race course to open the gates, and let us out, before we had a creepier evening than we had anticipated.



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