Evie has her photo taken at Wentwood Forest

Evie is my wonderful and beautiful great niece. She comes with all the zest and enthusiastic energy that a typical two year old is blessed with. She is the youngest in the family, the only baby, and we all adore her. She is the relative that everybody wants to see the most. I feel for her parents when they call by, and all eyes are on the door for the mini hurricane that is Evie. As parents, we all remember that feeling that nobody really minds too much if we are there at all. Yes it would be fine, if we disappeared for the whole afternoon…but please leave the children.

Some years ago I concentrated solely on childrens’ portraiture, but I’ve never tired of it or become jaded with it. I would love to do lots more of it. I’ve always loved little people, and now I have a home grown model.  In my eyes, Evie was born to be in front of the camera, but of course I’m biased.

We decided to take her to Wentwood Forest so I could try and make some images of her, at this beautiful stage in her childhood. She explored every tree, blade of grass, stump, woodland trail, and muddy puddle in just under twenty minutes. Yes, it was exhausting! By this time, she told us in no uncertain terms that she didn’t like having photos taken, though in all fairness, she had just toppled out of a large basket, I was hoping to contain some of that energy in. However, I did manage to get some beautiful shots of her. Too many. They’re all lovely in different ways to me. I thought I would share some of the images I’ve made, here, on my blog. I’m even keeping to my promise to myself to include more monotone for a while. I think they are very much worth the Peppa Pig cookie and the chocolate buttons they cost me.


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