Boys Will Be Boys

I’d met the adorable Will before, when I was working in Chepstow one day. His father had an appointment to meet,  so Will stayed to chat with me while his Dad was busy. I noticed he was making friendship bracelets, and he very charmingly offered one to me. It was ten minutes later that he made me laugh when he mentioned that there was a charge for it, if I felt I wanted to pay. I was amused and showed that I was very impressed with his entrepreneurial skills, and quickly donated 50p. I wore that bracelet for at least four months before it finally unravelled, so I consider it money well spent.

I was looking forward to meeting this little boy again, when I was invited to his home to take the family portraits. There he was, looking like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. Handsome, and very dapper in his cream linen jacket and white shirt. He smiled, was mannerly and polite, and was the perfect model. But then….maybe he was a little bored…we got the face pull! That’s the Will that I knew was just bubbling under the surface. I loved photographing him. I was pleased with the images I made of him. But of them all, it’s the face pull I love best! I think it captures that wonderful spirit of a ten year old boy.

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