The Teeny Tiny Witch-( who had her portrait taken at Caldicot Castle )

Once upon a time there lived a teeny tiny witch. She lived in the deepest, darkest part of the wood, on a punckin (sic) patch, outside the walls of an ancient castle in Caldicot. She was the grumpiest, scariest witch in all of the land. She wouldn’t let anybody pass through the woods, especially photographers, and they were all in fear of a terrible spell being cast on them. They say she turned people into very small punckins that would wither and shrink until they disappeared. Quite horrific when you think about it. 

Some people say that she had once been a very happy teeny tiny witch, but that naughty boys kept stealing her punckins ( possibly trying to rescue missing relatives but thats a whole other story ). 

One day a photographer wanted to take pictures of the lovely autumn trees in the woods. The teeny tiny witch was very angry and pulled the most dreadful scary face that anybody could ever see. It would terrify even the bravest daddies. The photographer was very nervous. Luckily she had brought her assistant Ooh La La junior, who was also a good fairy ( part time ). She rushed into the trees, her long blonde hair flying out behind her to distract the teeny tiny witch, who was very very cross indeed. While the witch was distracted, the photographer took a chance and placed a brand new punckin right in the middle of the teeny tiny witches forbidden path. Ooh La La junior had cast a brief spell on the tiny witch to make her turn back. When she saw the beautiful new punckin, and investigated it a little bit, the teeny tiny witch started to smile. And she smiled,and smiled and smiled, never to be a grumpy scary witch again. She let the photographer take some wonderful shots of the woods outside the castle, and they all lived happily ever after. 

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