The Ballet Comes to Chepstow

My daughter has gone to dancing lessons since she was three years old. The years have whirled by in a haze of glitter and hairspray, and she has never tired of it. Ballet, tap, modern, jazz…you name it, she has done them all. Every few years the dance school hosts a show for it’s many enthusiastic ( primarily girls ) students. They are always a resounding success. It’s the icing on the cake, the reward for all the hard work, and they are enjoyed by everybody. I miss those times when us mums would organise social gatherings around the charged atmosphere backstage. We would help our giggling children with super fast costumes changes, vigorous squirts of fairy dust, often becoming amateur hairstylists in the process. We are not needed for this any more. But we get the primes seats instead. Where we can feel ever so slightly proud and emotional in the privacy of a darkened hall. And then the camera. there is always my camera. 

Linda takes commissions for photographic work on 07749660774






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