Photography, Fallen Leaves, and Fun at Caldicot Castle

little boy with balloon



I’m an award winning childrens photographer offering services in  Chepstow, Caldicot, Magor, Mathern, Lydney and beyond.

 I jumped at the chance to take photos of this beautiful little boy. I just loved the way Brody’s cheeky little grin lights up these portraits. I never get tired of  childrens’ photography. No shoot is ever the same, and it certainly keeps you fit. Most of all its the sheer energy and innocence that makes a memorable photograph.

Caldicot Castle must be at the height of it’s beauty right now. One smiling toddler, a balloon and all those autumn colours were a great mix. And the perfect excuse for me to play too, even if I do have to carry the camera. I’m still finding crispy leaves in my bags and boots, from running around in the sunshine.

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