Pip and Ozzie in Woolaston

Pip was looking for an equestrian shoot with a difference! She wanted her very handsome Gypsy Cob Ozzie to have his portrait taken with a Christmas garland around his neck. I can’t tell you how much I wanted to take these photographs. I love horses with a passion, and miss not having my own any more. This was a photo shoot not to miss! 

I drove to Woolaston just outside Chepstow to meet both Pip and her lovely piebald pony. He had bags of personality, so I knew he would be the perfect model for his lovely owner to have something to cherish. Regularly shaking buckets with delicious pony treats to make an inviting rattling sound, we ensured that Ozzie was looking very interested on all his photographs. I think his lovely black and white markings were just perfect for showing off the reds and greens in the festive garland he wore with pride! I think we wound up the shoot just as he was getting bored and was more interested in his field mates. Pip was very happy with her images and I thoroughly enjoyed taking them. 


If you would like to see more please click here: Ooh La La by Linda

Please call  on 07749660774

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