Adrian and Milo… equine portraits Chepstow


I am a professional photographer, offering photo sessions in Chepstow, Caldicot, Newport, Magor , South Wales. If you would like to chat about family photography please give me a call on 07749660774 or please do drop me a line in the contact form.

I’ve known Adrian and his horse Milo for some time now. I couldn’t wait to meet up and take a new set of photographs of them, as he was quite a young horse the last time.  We met up at Severn Vale Equestrian Centre near Chepstow where Milo ( a big favourite ) lives. We used to forgive him lots of cheeky things because of his youth and greenness. Like zooming around over a course of fences as fast as he could, assuming that he always knew best, and that his way was much better thank you. He’s a little older now, but I was so happy to see he hasn’t lost any of his “personality”. He was bored of modelling before we had started. It’s a good job Adrian has always been an owner with a sense of humour. Eventually he realised the lush grass would have to wait, and he fell to sleep on us instead! But it did give me a chance to get a few nice portraits of him. A funny thing, once his head collar was off we became a lot more interesting, and he wanted to follow us. Milo didn’t get where he is today by doing things without asking “why?”  You’re a lucky person Adrian!!

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