Mother and Baby Portrait -Chepstow


An outdoor portrait is probably the most relaxed and natural addition to your family photograph album you could have. Even when the seasons get colder it still very possible to get the best portraits. You have an endless range to choose from in nature’s backdrops, and it never gets boring! Changing light and weather can all dramatically affect the sort of photography you get. An experienced photographer won’t struggle with this. They will be used to adapting to the challenges of fast moving clouds, sunshine and shadows, and sometimes the occasional burst of rain! The word “photography” means “painting/drawing with light”. And an experienced  photographer is doing just that. Making little artworks of you and your family! Although I love the work that shooting in natural light can achieve, I don’t limit myself to it. I look for it as an ideal, but I will use studio lighting, ambient lighting, or sometimes a mixture of both, to get those family memories. We were lucky here with Nina and Noah, the sun lit up their hair beautifully, and it was a perfect evening. No rain for us!


Call Linda on 07749660774

Mother and baby portrait outdoors.

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