Helen and Martin portraits at their home in Weston Super Mare.

Helen and I were colleagues  working in Chepstow together a little while ago, but we have stayed in touch on social media. It seemed to me that it was time for her and her husband Martin to have some new “couple” photographs. So I went to visit them in their home in Weston Super Mare. The plan had been to take their portrait with the fabulous autumn trees we’ve had this year as a back drop …. but it wasn’t to be! The rain was so bad it became impossible. They have a beautiful and spacious house, and so it ended up being a much better idea to get some relaxed photographs around their family home. Having a photo shoot at home really helps people to be themselves, no forced smiles, or stiff poses. With each click of the shutter I knew we’d caught some lovely expressions, and with Martin’s enthusiasm it really helped for their personalities to shine through in the photography. I so enjoyed taking them. There are few thing nicer than in life than making people smile.


I’m a professional photographer specialising in wedding, lifestyle, environmental and family portraits in Chepstow, Caldicot, Newport Gwent, South Wales and further by arrangement .

Please call on 07749660774

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Love, life, and laughter. Photography that is about you…and who you are.

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