Kieran and Emily and their lovely family at Caer Llan

Kieran and Emily had their wedding at Caer Llan, the most beautiful Monmouthshire venue, with unbeatable views right across the Vale of Usk. So they thought it would be lovely to have family photographs taken there too. The last time we all met for a family photo shoot was with their great little boy Emmett and the awesome family dog Yuri! This time though I would get to meet the new family member Amelia Rose.

On the most beautiful summer morning we all met at Caer Llan, which looked and smelt incredible with the fresh new Lavender blooms. They made a wonderful backdrop for the shots, and with the added bonus of lots of bubbles, we all had a great time playing in the grounds. Yuri, the long suffering and ever patient family dog, posed obediently for the photographs, despite little Amelia Rose cwtching him so tightly!

I was very happy with the way the images turned out. The soft early morning light was perfect for the tones in the garden. all soft blues, greens and no harsh shadows. I had a really happy time spent with the growing Cooper family, and a great choice of place to take the photographs too!


If you would like to see more please click here: Ooh La La by Linda

Please call  on 07749660774

Love, life, and laughter. Family portraits that reflect you…and who you are.

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