Danielle and Katie in Mathern

 I so enjoyed this equestrian photo shoot in beautiful Mathern with sisters Danielle and Katie. I’ve known these ladies since they were quite small and tearing around on naughty ponies. Now they are accomplished horsewomen, who regularly compete and sometimes train their own horses.

But this wasn’t to be that sort of photo session. We agreed to capture a lovely relaxed feeling around their family home, with all the various dogs, and mum Samantha trying to hide behind long grass so we couldn’t capture her! The weather was incredible, and the outcome was a series of beautiful photographs that captured the love, bond, and friendship that people have with their horses. The most noble, forgiving and generous of creatures. Who couldn’t love horses?


If you would like to see more please click here: Ooh La La by Linda

Please call  on 07749660774

Love, life, and laughter. Family portraits that reflect you…and who you are.

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