Jess and Sheba-Pet Portrait at Wentwood Forest

Taking photographs of our beloved animals takes a lot of patience and a good amount of experience, but each time I’m commissioned its an absolute pleasure! I’ve owned, dogs, horses, cats, birds, rabbits, fish, guinea pigs and hamsters! There are probably more than a few other animals here I’ve failed to mention! But it does mean I understand how important your pets are, and how much you want photographs to treasure for ever.

Now more than ever, exacerbated by lock down we are appreciating our families, and as a nation of animal lovers, our dogs are very much loved family members! There is no question of the bond between Jess and her beautiful German Shepherd Sheba! They are so close…and Sheba still being a very young dog, is full of boundless energy! She is still learning and although very excited to be out and about in the wonderful Wentwood Forest tried extremely hard to obey commands. Sometimes it all got a little bit too much, but you can see what a kind and gentle nature she has, and how much she wants to please! It was by no means easy to get portraits of her, but it WAS great fun, and after walking and playing for a while, Sheba had burned off enough of her high spirits, to let us get these lovely photographs of her. All in all it was a great way for Jess and I to get a great time out exercising, with the added bonus of some beautiful images and fabulous memories, to keep!


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Please call  on 07749660774

Love, life, and laughter. Family portraits that reflect you…and who you are.

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