Sue, Andrew and Family – Photo Shoot at Caldicot Castle

black and white portrait of elderly couple sat on bench

I was thrilled to be involved with capturing more family images for Andrews lovely family for the second time. A three generations shoot of these lovely and interesting people. One of the nicest things about being a family photographer, is the relationship based on trust and tactfulness that you develop, often turning into very real friendships. Each time you meet again, there are new developments to celebrate, or sometimes commiserate. New additions and new achievements, little children quickly grow into young adults, and so it goes on. Often turning into weddings, and christenings, graduations, and parties. Family really is everything. Not only our own, but the privilege of being able to share a part of somebody else’s.


If you would like to see more please click here: Ooh La La by Linda

Please call  on 07749660774

Love, life, and laughter. Family portraits that reflect you…and who you are.

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